• Glacier to Glass

    Ice produced by a machine is made with local tap water and contains over 150 impurities and carcinogens. The result? Poor tasting and toxic ice.


    Lucifer Ice is harvested from the greatest Glaciers all over the world and protected in chic packaging that ensures an uncontaminated series of conservation from glacier to glass.




    Lucifer Ice, the world’s leader in premium ice, brings you Lexury. The ice's tasteless profile and exquisite design provide minimal dilution and takes your beverage experience to the next level. 99.9% purity.


    Maximum cool. Tasteful heat. Lucifer Ice's ARES has a slight cinnamon flavor profile that enhances enjoyment at the inception of consumption. A clear choice for ice that matches your top-shelf spirit selection.


    HONEYCOMB is Sweeter than the honey of an African Bee.  Exquisite craftmanship.  The first Lucifer Ice flavored Ice Sphere.  Smooth hints of honey with the signature Lucifer Ice taste.


    CEO + President

    Lex Lucifer is the Chairman, President, and Chief Executive Officer of The Lucifer Group. Headquartered in Las Vegas, NV., The Lucifer Group is a global ice and technology conglomerate that employs about 113,000 people worldwide and is principally engaged in the research, design, development, manufacture, integration and sustainability of advanced Ice technology systems, products and services. which consists of more than 100 companies around the world including Lucifer Ice, Lucifer Solutions, and Lucifer Labs. He is the author of several upcoming books, blogs, and pamphlets including but not limited to: "My Way is the Highway", "Rich Like Me", "Ice Cold Genius", "Lexcited: A memoir" and "Like a Lucifer: How to Succeed and Never Apologize".


    Defining Your Personal Power

    A Talk for the Downtown Project in Las Vegas, NV at the Catalyst Showcase Speaker Series.  August 1, 2014


    The Lucifer Group consists of more than 100 companies around the world.

    Lucifer Ice

    Luxury Ice​

    Pure Ice for a pure life.


    Non-Profit Organization​

    Charitable arm that Enriches Vegas and Inspires Lives.

    Lucifer Bespoke Tailoring


    Lucifer Labs

    Research Laboratory​

    Morning Star

    Bed & Breakfast ​

    66 Degrees Cafe & Bar

    Bar / Restaurant

    Lucifer Vodka

    Alcohol brand

    YumBee Yogurt

    Lisa Wellness Spa

    Beauty /Spa​

    Luci Jewelry

    Lucifer Solutions

    Lex & Lilu Jewelry

    Lucifer Spa: Wellness Center

    Health / Wellness

    Anthem Asylum

    Health / Wellness

    Daystar Telecommunications


    Greener Pastures

    Retirement Community

    Son O' The Morning

    6 Premium Clothing


    Simple steps to become the man you were born to be.  A better man.  The Superior Man.  Tips from Lex Lucifer himself.


    "Genius.  Impressive.  Trendsetter.  The man is stylish."

    — Liz Shinn

    "He is making ice cool again!"

    — Johnathan Tremblay

    "Lex's Lucifer Ice is deliciously tasteful."

    — Erica Schiller


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